Lightcode Library

A Powerful Library of Lightcodes To Weave Through Your Offerings & Rituals

Lightcode Library

Welcome to the Library of Lightcodes

Come and enter the realms of frequency immersion and heart transmissions. A Potent Frequency Bath of Love, Beauty, & Transformation.

This potent collection of high frequency Lightcodes are deeply devoted to divine service, the evolution & ascension of humanity, and to the ongoing ascension & refinement of the quantum field around us, weaving all the fields, timelines, realms and grids with ever higher frequencies of Love and Beauty.



Lightcode Gifts from my heart to yours – Use within your marketing, offerings, client sessions & rituals.

Lightcode Library

Phone Wallpaper


Upload to your phone so that you can connect daily with the transmission of your Lightcode.

Lightcode Library

Frequency Codes


Become a custodian of beautifully woven Lightcodes – elevate your offerings, online presence, marketing material, client sessions, temple space & rituals.

Lightcode Library

Luminosity Series


Highly attuned Lightcodes for Leaders of the Light and Luminaries in their Fields. Those drawn to these Lightcodes have a mastery in their field.

Lightcode Library

Sacred Branding


Weave a your own majik into your branding with this Sacred Lightcode and Branding Bundle. Simply add your own text, handles, titles, and if you are feeling creative, add your own photographs into these pre-designed templates.

Lightcode Library

Light Language


One of my all-time favourite ways of alchemising energies through the field. These scripts are one of the powerful tools that we can use to alchemise and shift energies in our field, relieving and releasing us from hardships.

Lightcode Library

Gifts of Love & Transformation

A Loving Contribution to Our Planet and Hearts

Embrace the majik of Lightcodes, powerful creations infused with potent frequencies to uplift your life and support your journey.

Divine Service and a loving contribution to our beautiful planet, communities, and hearts are some of my highest values. As a gesture of gratitude for us being on this path of Light together, I am delighted to share some enchanting Lightcodes and Light Language Scripts as a free gift to anyone who feels called to work with them.

These stunning creations hold potent frequencies to elevate your life and empower your journey. Each unique Lightcode offers specific energies to help you:

△ Awaken your crystalline light field and bathe in loving frequencies
△ Manifest miracles and experience joyful abundance
△Flow with graceful evolution and refine your path
△ Connect deeply with loving cosmic energies
△ Unlock divine trust and experience life’s harmonious flow

Lightcode Library
Lightcode Library

△ Awaken your inner light and radiate love
△ Expand your consciousness and embody higher realms of existence
△ Manifest miracles and joyful abundance
Embrace graceful evolution and refine your path
△Connect deeply with your soul, new frequencies and harness creative alchemy
△ Unlock divine trust and experience life’s harmony

Lightcode Library

Lightcodes are powerful tools for personal transformation. They’re vibrational allies that amplify your highest intentions and support your journey. Explore our collection and discover the perfect frequency to resonate with your soul’s desires.

PLEASE NOTE: Creation credit must be attributed to Elestial Arts when using or posting these gifted codes.
Please see link below for full licencing information.

Lightcode Phone Wallpaper

Elevate Your Experience with Lightcode  Wallpaper

Immerse yourself in the world of Lightcodes! Unlike traditional photos or wallpapers, Lightcodes are lovingly woven with powerful codes and frequencies that transmit waves of light, alignment, and transformation to your entire being. Experience significant shifts in your state of mind and upleveling of timelines by simply gazing at these intricate creations.

Lightcode Library

Unlock New Levels of Awareness
By incorporating Lightcode wallpapers into your daily life, you invite a higher level of consciousness. These wallpapers act as portals of transformation, offering increased awareness, balance, and clarity throughout your day. Beyond just aesthetics, these creations deliver tangible benefits for your mental and emotional well-being.

Lightcode Library

Unleash Your Fullest Potential
With each Lightcode available in a variety of backgrounds, from serene Oceanic Portals to celestial Angelic Skyscapes, you have the freedom to choose the perfect transmission for your life’s journey. Select not only the Lightcode that resonates with you but also the backdrop that carries the energy you wish to embrace.

Lightcode Library

The Frequency Codes

Experience the Power and Potency of Lightcode Majik

Discover the majikal world of Lightcodes and become a custodian of these transformative frequencies. If you feel drawn to the enchanting realm of Lightcodes and yearn to explore their profound effects, this collection is for you.

Lightcode Library

Weave Lightcodes into Your Business and Life

Perfect for those who resonate with a specific Lightcode from our collections, these codes can amplify any aspect of your business offerings, transmissions, or personal evolution. Your heart will guide you to the Lightcode(s) that your soul is here to shepherd.

Lightcode Library

Individual Lightcode or Artwork Collection

Choose from the Individual Lightcode, presented as a Transparent Background PNG file, or the Lightcode with a collection of artworks overlaid. Each Lightcode offers a unique journey, and you can explore the different artworks created with each code by simply clicking on them.

Lightcode Library

Choose Your Investment

It has always been important to me that Lightcodes be accessible to all beings from different walks of life and at different stages in their offerings and expressions. Because of this, I have beautiful potent Lightcodes available for licence in the Library of Light that range from Free creations, to Pay as you can options, to standard prices lightcodes.

Pay As You Can is a payment system where I invite you to feel into your heart and your field, and choose a payment on the scale that feels aligned to your budget.
Please choose a price that feels expansive in your field
– expansive for you AND the Lightcode – one you know you can afford and that honours the Lightcode.

Thank you for honouring the payment system with the integrity of your heart.

The Luminosity Series

Refined Higher Frequency Transmission Lightcodes

Introducing The Luminosity Series—an exquisite collection of extremely refined higher frequency transmission codes. Each Lightcode in this series carries a level of mastery in its artistry, reflecting radiant love and luminosity through the field – because of this, their custodians also embody a refined capacity to carry and transmit high quotients of light. Their custodians love and luminosity field is radiant, as it their exquisite contribution to the planet. There is a level of mastery in the artistry of their offerings and service to the world.

Lightcode Library

As you experience the powerful Lightcodes in The Luminosity Series, your heart will light up when you feel the calling to become a custodian of these beautiful Lightcodes. Trust the guidance of your soul in this sacred journey. They create a beautiful frequency  wave emanation that is a point of attraction for beautiful Soul aligned being to find you.

Lightcode Library

Potent & Beautiful Creation Process

These crystalline Lightcodes are birthed through channelled frequency states, in harmonious collaboration with divine galactic and ethereal high councils of light. The process is both potent and beautiful, resulting in codes that hold transformative power.

Lightcode Library
Lightcode Library

A Contribution to the New Earth

Each Lightcode is lovingly crafted in deep ceremony, woven with specific vibrational codes that powerfully contribute to the birth of this beautiful New Earth. They are quantum amplification tools, emanating refined and divine frequency waves that create transformative ripples of love and energy in the world.

Light Language Scripts

When creating these scripts for my beautiful private clients, they often share that they can hear the song lines of the scripts weaving around them, creating majik through the field.

Sometimes the scripts open pathways for soul codes to be remembered
Sometimes they call through new frequencies that your soul was contracted to embody
Sometimes they clear old frequencies out of the field
Sometimes they activate new frequencies within the field
Sometimes they alchemises old timelines out of existence
And sometimes they call forth new embodiments

Some will carry specific intentions and others will carry specific codes, and all are calling in the Lightbeam souls who are here to co-create with them.

They are so divinely majikal and one of my absolute favourite creation and alchemy tools!

Lightcode Library

I am ready to co-create majik with you
& I would love to apply now

Lightcode Library

Elestial Arts Creative Studios
Frequency Encoded Majik & Alchemy
Weaving Love, Beauty & High Frequency Light Through the Field

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