Great Central Sun Love Pulse Lightcode


This Lightcode carries the higher realm frequencies of the Great Central Sun’s loving embrace. It emits a steady and ongoing pulse energy that carries the highest frequencies of the refined light & infuses the strands of our DNA with transformative plasma light. Through the weaving of these frequencies through our physical forms, we step closer to the embodiment of plasma light and away from carbon based DNA expressions.

As we anchor these new embodiments, our capacity to receive and transmit our soul gift frequencies is amplified and the light quotient that we can carry expands exponentially and effortlessly.

It carries the frequencies of Higher Realm Light, The Great Central Sun, Divine Love, Higher Realm DNA activation, Loving Acceptance, Joy, Appreciation, Luminosity, Divine Embodiment, Grace

– Use the transparent background file to overlay on top of any of your marketing
– Use as a logo / business sigil
– Imprint its frequency through your online presence and posts
– Imprint its frequency through your printed marketing material
– Print the artwork and adorn your temple space
– Use Lightcodes in your personal evolution practices – imprinting water, meditating with, coding body as a tattoo
– Use as a transmission in clients sessions, activations or meditations

Each code will have its own messages for you. I invite you to listen to the messages and codes that it has to share with you – as a unique pairing, it will have specific messages for each individual soul.

By purchasing this licence, you are agreeing to honour the terms of the licencing agreement.
For further Licence Details, please follow this link

All prices in AUD

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