Diamond Light Emanation Script


This Light Language Script carries the frequencies of the purest divine Diamond Light Emanation

It emanates this pure Diamond Light into any space or situation, transmuting lower light frequencies and harmonising energies.

It is a bringer of Diamond Light as it supports us to activate and enliven higher timelines of experience, and elevate the frequency of any field through its presence.

It can be used to lift frequencies across any area of life…
Bringing harmony to relationships at home, work, or in the world
Clearing out non-beneficial frequencies from the field
Deepening your meditations
Activating new pathways in your life and expression

It is a beautiful script that can be used in any part of life  – anything it touches will be lifted in its frequency.

Please choose your licence carefully.
By purchasing this licence, you are agreeing to honour the terms of the licencing agreement.
For further Licence Details, please follow this link

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