Bringing Beauty, Majik & High Frequency Bespoke Lightcodes To The World, Creating A Powerful Environment Where Love Leads The Way.


It is a delight to co-create with you!

I am passionate about co-creating majik, alchemy, and beauty with incredible evolutionary souls who are here to anchor new ways of being for humanity and our beautiful planet.

As an incredible heart-centred soul, you share my deep and devoted passion to weave, expand, and amplify the Love and Beauty Frequencies on this planet, and like me, embody a deep desire to contribute with love as a Leader of Light.

When working together, we embark on a beautiful journey to encode your field, your sacred world, and your online presence with your unique codes through visual alchemy and quantum frequency majik.

I am passionate about supporting beautiful souls across the globe to encode their online presence and their sacred temple spaces, with love, their soul signature frequency, and the refined imprint of their unique contribution to our world, as well as weaving the whole collective field with the exquisite frequencies of Love and Beauty, co-creating a whole new foundation for the expression and embodiment of Love and Joy on our planet.


For some, this means working privately with me, as we co-create bespoke personalised channelled….
Custom Lightcodes
Specialised Soul Codes
Frequency Encoded Artworks
Social Media Graphics & Templates
Encoded Websites
…that are deeply encoded with the refined frequencies, powerful codes, higher realm creation and transformation energies, your unique Soul signature frequency and your divine codes & contribution.

Through these beautiful channeled co-creation processes, we weave potent codes through your online presence, amplifying your reach, and inviting a powerful point of attraction for your soul mate clients to FEEL the depth, heart and frequency of your soul and offerings, simply by witnessing and receiving your online presence.

It is a beautiful, deep, and highly personalised journey and resides in the realms of creativity, beauty, majik, vibrational alchemy, loving contribution and heart soul frequency transmission. These custom pieces require a high light quotient to channel through and take many hours to frequency weave and create. They are bespoke and personalised.

For others who feel called to become custodians of frequency encoded creations and yet may not feel called to commission a personalised creation, there are a series of beautiful colletions of Lightcodes and Encoded Artworks for Licence…
Encoded Artworks
Branding Packages
Social Media Graphics and Templates

Light Language Scripts
These are fully encoded and woven with specific frequencies that are an emanation of their purpose and contribution to our majikal world.

When creating these pieces for the collections, I am weaving the highest frequencies of Love and Beauty through these beautiful pieces and the field. I am co-creating with the highest realms of our collective and the collective of Light Leaders who are here at this time to support humanity to come into a new expression.

It is such an honour to co-create with you all –  such incredible, loving, generous, passionate, contribution centric beings that are here as the wayfarers of of a new earth.

It is time for humanity to lead with love.

Because you are a beautiful heart centred contribution centric being, you are an integral part of this ascension!

Thank you for being here
Thank you for showing up
Thank you for shining your light
And thank you for sharing your codes!

With Love Always,


Custom  Lightcodes


Because you are an incredible heart-centred evolutionary wayfarer, your understanding of the quantum nature of our universe is ever deepening & you have an unshakable connection to your Soul.

Your beautiful heart leads the way in life, and you are devoted to lifting the vibration of our world through your loving presence & powerful contribution – in self, family, business, and even simply walking down the street. You are passionate about increasing compassion and understanding on our planet and supporting humanity to come into expansion through Love.

Your beautiful heart has a growing awareness of the power and potency of quantum technologies such as Lightcodes. If this is you and you feel it is time for the next step in your beautiful evolution and ascension journey, please get in touch and we can co-create your own personalised channelled Sacred Lightcode(s)!


Library of Light


These Lightcodes are perfect for those who feel drawn to work with lightcodes and feel called to be a custodian of a lightcode and yet may not feel called to commission their own custom lightcode. You feel the power and potency of Lightcode majik and are curious to experience more.

These collections are also perfect for those who feel a resonance with a specific Lightcode in one of the collections and wish to amplify their offering, transmission, or personal evolution by weaving its presence through the field.

There are multiple licence options available.

Lightcodes speak to us through our sensory body, through our responses to a visual stimulus. We feel a shiver, or a lift in our hearts, or a wave of peace, joy, contentment. We FEEL our response to the frequency of the Lightcodes as they bypass the mind and enter the realms of our hearts, connecting us to the collective field of Love


Encoded Artworks


Your beautiful offerings carry a frequency of their own and emanate a very unique soul signature – they are alive!

When we honour this frequency and become the divine custodian of our offerings, their contribution to our beautiful world is anchored and our life fulfilment is deepened.

Through this journey, you will receive powerful personally encoded artworks and banners, that carry the specific vibrational imprint of you and your offerings divine soul, unique frequency and sacred mission & contribution.

These alive images become quantum transmitters, here to support your beautiful offerings to come into their fullest expression & reach in the world.

They are channelled specifically for you, deep in channeled frequency states, in divine collaboration with your incredible guides and ethereal team.


Encoded Websites


Creating Beautiful, High-Frequency Bespoke Websites that are activated and encoded with your divine soul codes, creating a powerful point of attraction for your soul mate clients to magnetically find you.

I am passionate about supporting you to share your unique heart and soul codes with the world, creating soul-aligned, vibrationally encoded, and powerful websites that represent the essence of who you are and the value of what you contribute to the world.

Your alchemical website is designed and co-created in ceremony, through deep channeled frequency states, and in divine collaboration with you soul and your incredible guides and ethereal team.

This is a highly personalised experience for those wanting their deep soul essence to be channeled into their designs


I am ready to co-create majik with you
& I would love to apply now


Elestial Arts Creative Studios
Frequency Encoded Majik & Alchemy
Weaving Love, Beauty & High Frequency Light Through the Field


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