CHOOSE YOUR INVESTMENT – Luminous Soul Lightcode


This Lightcode carries the frequencies of a the innate luminosity of our soul
It drops us into the sphere of the heart, and amplifies love, compassion, and the radiance of Light
It opens the pathways for radiant unconditional acceptance of self and others, the emanation of luminous love beams, and a divine & higher realm view of all things human.

It carries the frequencies of Love, Luminoisty, Radiance, Love Beams, Calm, Compassion, Unconditional Acceptance.

Each code will have its own messages for you. I invite you to listen to the messages and codes that it has to share with you – as a unique pairing, it will have specific messages for each individual soul.

It is important to me that Lightcodes be accessible to all beings from different walks of life and at different stages in their offerings and expressions. Pay As You Can is a payment system where I invite you to feel into your heart and your field, and choose a payment on the scale that feels aligned to your budget. Please choose a price that feels expansive in your field – expansive for you AND the Lightcode – one you know you can afford and that honours the Lightcode.
Thank you for honouring the payment system with the integrity of your heart.

PSSST… this code has not be anchored with any custodians yet, and so if you feel drawn to becoming the SOLE CUSTODIAN of this Lightcode please get in touch and we can organise an Exclusive Licence for you. (Prices dependant on Lightcode creation time and light quotient required to channel – please get in touch for SOLE CUSTODIAN pricing)

By purchasing this licence, you are agreeing to honour the terms of the licencing agreement.
For further Licence Details, please follow this link

All prices in AUD

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