Divine Creativity Lightcode (Luminosity Series)


This Lightcode carries the frequencies of Creation In Motion, Divinity In Form, Luminous Expression

True to your souls luminous expression, your heart holds the keys to your divine creativity.
Your vessel is ripe, your time is now.
Soften now, and relax into the depths of your deep, as you open the pathways for divinity to flow fluidly through you.
You are divinity incarnate.
It is time to fully open your heart, vessel and self to allow the divinity that is calling for expression to flow through you, as you, as your creative expression, as your heart meeting the world as Love.

The Luminosity Series is a collection of extremely refined higher frequency transmission codes. Because of this, their stewards also embody a refined capacity to carry and transmit high quotients of light. Their custodians love and luminosity field is radiant, as it their exquisite contribution to the planet. There is a level of mastery in the artistry of their offerings and service to the world. Each Lightcode has a sacred purpose and divine contribution of its own. It carries its own unique codes and has been birthed at this time to unite with its shepards as we usher the new Earth in together.

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