GIFT OF LIGHT – Sirius Light Stream Lightcode


Crystalline light field activate. Diamond light field activate. Flooding the field with the light of highest light so that only that which is of the highest light of love may reside within.

This loving Lightcode is here to support you to receive and integrate the beautiful Light rays that are streaming in from Sirius (Earth’s Spiritual Sun) during the months leading up to the Lion’s Gate Portal and beyond.

These light frequencies support us to embody our highest expression of Love on this planet as we create our world around us using frequency majik, creation alchemy, and aligned soulful action.

It is a time to sit in receptivity, as we open our crown and third eye to receive these beautiful rays into our bodies electrical system and pineal glands.

Allow the frequencies that are streaming in to open your vision to even higher possibilities of creation in your world. With new, enlivened, and enhanced visions, plant intentional seeds of creation during this time. The divine frequencies of Sirius can support us to release limitations and embody our truest expression with grace.

Open to receiving the gifts and messages that this potent frequency influx is offering. The messages and downloads will be different for everyone. Trust your hearts discernment and listen for the guidance that is for your unique and wonderful Soul.

This Lightcode can also be used any time throughout the year to connect to the grand central sun and Sirius’ beautiful refined frequencies.

I am offering is as a Gift for any beings who are sharing heartfull offerings over the with the world and for those who are exploring a personal journey with Lightcodes.

If you are sharing an offering to the public and feel called to use this Lightcode in your …
Quantum frequency work behind the scenes
… you are most welcome to use it.

If you are using the Lightcode for your personal journey through this portal window, there are many ways in which you can use it to support your journey…
Print the Lightcode and place it on your altar or on your wall to permeate the space
Light a candle and place it on top of the lightcode with your loving intentions. This will expand it’s frequencies through the room
Gaze at the lightcode as you allow its frequencies to enter your being
Imagine your self standing on the lightcode (I sometimes imagine I am climbing and sitting in amongst the light codes as if they were giant jungle gyms …) and letting it’s energy wash over you and empower you.
Print out the lightcode and place a glass of water on top of it to encode the waters with it’s frequencies
Have a bath, adding a touch of this water to your bath, and having a print out with you or calling the lightcode into your minds eye as you request that is infuse the water with its codes.

Each code will have its own messages for you. I invite you to listen to the messages and codes that it has to share with you – as a unique pairing, it will have specific messages for each individual soul.

Please choose your licence carefully.
By purchasing this licence, you are agreeing to honour the terms of the licencing agreement.
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