To all the Courageous Souls making Mighty Shifts and Changes in their Lives

I see you!

I see you Brave Ones… 🤸‍♀️
Meeting your edges
Taking great leaps
Shifting deep ancestral ways
Leaving behind societal conditioning
And basically being epic humans 🔥

Have you noticed how fast things are shifting & evolving at the moment?

Can you feel the acceleration in the air?

It really is Quantum!! 💫

And it makes me almost giddy with excitement

Because we are blessed to live at a time of accelerated evolution… 🌬

Our souls are being called to embody our Highest Divine Appointment like never before

We are being asked to meet the deepest parts of ourselves and evolve to whole new levels of Being

We are being called to honour our Soul’s knowing and step into the truest expression of ourselves.

And when we are Brave in our Choices,

Courageous in our Actions,

and Gracious in our Hearts,

Then everything in our life expands

Our love ❤️
Our appreciation 🙏
Our delight 🧚‍♀️
Our joy 

It’s remarkable.
It’s beautiful.
It’s inspiring.

So, let’s take a moment to celebrate this courageous growth! 🎉

Because when we really appreciate and embody the shifts that have arrived in our world,

celebrating them with a full and loving heart…

Then they drop into our being on a whole new level

They really land in our cells,

our tissues,

our membranes,

our DNA 🧬

They ARRIVE in our lives
The new status quo…
Embodied. Actualised. 💎

And we get to embody our new self!

Becoming 🤗

So please,

Celebrate the wins.

whether they be mammoth 💪

or ity bity 🌱

Because when you ground these changes into a real and embodied way of being

Not only are you making these changes for yourself,

But also for humanity.

Offering our Future World a different possibility

paving the way for humanity to come back to Love 💙🌎💙


The world is grateful for your heart, your depth and your courage!

You were born to Shine!
❤️ Pippa

Encoded Artwork by Pippa La Doube from Elestial Arts
Please do not share without permission

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