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Transcendent Visuals - The Creatrix
Transcendent Visuals - The Creatrix

About the Creatrix

Pippa La Doube

Pippa is a South African born Australian artist, light-scribe, neuro-unique, multi and creative who is deeply devoted to humanity, love, creativity, empowerment, luminosity, transformation, love, majik, spiritual & emotional evolution and ascension and authentic expression.

For a long time, Pippa has been playing with multi-media creations – from charcoal drawing artworks that are then uploaded into digital mediums to play with and create a new expression of the piece, to creating artworks through dance and charcoal expression, both video art and stills. This creative play has been a dance of delight for her throughout the years.

Transcendence Visuals was birthed from a curious exploration into the merging of emerging AI technologies and our human capacity for frequency majik and light alchemy through all things.

“In an landscape where AI technology is evolving very swiftly and there is a huge amount of AI generated images out there that  have no clear human heart pulse or touch to them. I wanted to play with weaving frequencies of love, heart and empowerment into the AI generated images, so to create transmissions of frequency, as I do in my other artistic creations.

Even though I am not the ‘artist’ that creates these foundational images – simply the ‘prompt engineer’ – I was curious to deepen my knowledge and understanding and play with this interesting intersection of humanity and technology. Through this creative exploration, I have been playing with including frequency imprints into the ‘prompts’ for the images, with palpable  results.

Transcendent Visuals - The Creatrix

Frequency Attuned Prompt Generated Image

Transcendent Visuals - The Creatrix

Layered & Drawn in Photoshop, Fresco & Procreate

As you will see in the bundles and custom creations, all the images are frequency imprinted foundational AI images that have been drawn and painted with frequency overlays, thus bringing a new world visual creation to life.”

~ Pippa La Doube ~

Pippa is a skilled alchemist and creative, and has been initiated into the high arts of Lightscribe majik and channels in collaboration with higher realm councils of light and ethereal soul family. She creates art within channelled states, bringing through otherworldly creations that are transmissions of Light.

Since finishing her Bachelor of Visual Arts in 2004, Pippa has been walking in the creative world. As an avid world traveler, she has worked as a circus performer & instructor, yoga instructor, quantum healer, meditation facilitator, soul-coach, writer, artist, online media designer, web designer and dancer across the globe. As you can see my the many facets of her creative expression, she is neuro-unique and she is a multi who delights in curiosity and exploration through expression.

Pippa has been creating within the creative soul-preneur world for nearly 20 years, now focusing primarily the majik and visual alchemy. She utilises the blend of her highly attuned majikal & creative channel, with grounded technical skills and knowledge to bring encoded, personalised, heart centred creations to the worlds that are frequency encoded, technically innovative and creatively inspired.

Pippa loves doggies, tangelos, the ocean, frequency majik, beauty, turquoise and the sound of crickets in the forest.

Transcendent Visuals - The Creatrix
Transcendent Visuals - The Creatrix

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