STILLNESS … and the Fabric of the Universe🧚‍♀️💕

Can you feel Aliveness pulsing through the World around you, beautiful one?
Can you feel your Heart Beat impregnating every step you take with Life Force?

Sometimes in the Heady World of Doing
… we can forget to stop and Listen 👂
… we can forget to notice The Miraculous🐛🧬🦋
… we can forget to pay attention to the Intimate Little Ecstasies of our lives 💎
… we can forget to BE Here 💖

When we invite the Space in our lives for Stillness,
We open our Senses

And from here
We can See and Feel
The Beauty and Softness of the Fabric of the Universe
As it Weaves in Waves of energy around us

When we are Quiet Enough to SENSE
We become One with the World again

This is LOVE
This is Oneness
This is You
This is the Unified Field of Creation

There is a Grace that Unfurls here.
A Grace that blesses our lives with more Majik than we ever dreamed possible.

My heart is Surrendering Open to this Stillness
Would you like to come play with me there?
It is really just so Beautiful!!

Loving Always,


Encoded Artwork by Pippa La Doube from Elestial Arts
Please do not share without permission

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