As The Old falls away and Pathways open for The New,
Our Souls call us forth to the Next Embodiment of Ourselves.

Ever Evolving and Ever Growing
Our Next Self Awaits

These pathways open in front of us as we throw Seeds of Possibility & Intention onto the Fecund Soil beneath our feet, and step Boldly Forward.

What Seeds are you Planting?
What Pathways are you Opening?
What is your Beautiful Soul asking for?
What is your Beautiful Soul wanting you to remember?

Tonight as I connect with parts of myself remembered, my heart calls forth the expression of me that is full and vital and renewed.

And so in the presence of beings of the highest light, all of my beautiful angel and guides, my delightful fae elemental friends and my galactic soul family, I Call Back these parts of Self Remembered and Open to new aspects of Self Embodied.

I step forward and call through…
Sacred Knowing
Embodied Majik
Divine Abundance
Integrated Multidimensionality
Exquisite Vitality
Love, Wonder & Joy Incarnate

Thank you thank you thank you



Encoded Artwork by Pippa La Doube from Elestial Designs
Please do not share without permission

The Embodiment of Our Ever Evolving Self 

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