It is time, Beautiful Beings!
It is time for us to Gather our Hearts and turn our gaze towards the Creation of a New Possibility for our Earth 🌏

For Us…
For our Little Ones…
For the Generations to Come…

Because there is so much Human and Planetary Heart Ache in our midst at the moment, it can be challenging to See Beyond the Adversity that is right in front of us.

Sometimes, in the presence of the Enormity of what is happening in the world, Solutions can feel Far Away and the Emotion of it all can feel Overwhelming.

If we Embolden our Hearts and Shift Our Focus, then we can feel into a Different Possibility.

If we muster the Inner Fortitude to keep our Hearts Open, even in the presence of tragedy, then we can step boldly forward.

The world needs us now.
It is time to ask ‘What Else is Possible?’

We each have a Unique and Innate Gift Set, Passion and Purpose to contribute.Β πŸ’•

Each of us have pathways that are Aligned with Our Soul AND the Heart & Evolution of Humanity.

For some, it is rallying and bringing awareness to the masses
For others, it is endeavouring to create policy change or dedicating to environmental solutions

For some, it is the selfless and incredibly brave work of fighting the fires that ravage our lands
For others, it is working on the ground with the humans and animals that have been affected

For some, it is spending time with their children, reminding us all of the importance of connection and real heart time
For others, it is tapping into the energetic filed of the Earth and opening new pathways and healing our beautiful mother Gaia.

Because there are thousands of ways that we can contribute to our world, it is up to us to discern where our Soul Alignment is strongest.

What is your Heart called to offer?
What does your Soul ask of you in this time on our Earth?


You are needed NOW.
Mother Gaia and the Future of Humanity is grateful for Your Heart, Your Presence and Your Contribution.
Thank you!

With love always,

Encoded Artwork by Pippa La Doube from Elestial Arts
Please do not share without permission

The Birthing of a New Era

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