And I wholeheartedly agree!

Collectively, we are the wayfarers of a new way! 💞🌏

As a beautiful heart centred, impact driven business owner

Your heart and soul frequencies are needed right now, more than ever

This means, that you are a part of a POWERFUL revolution that the world has been waiting for! 🌏💫💞

For years, I have been co-creating majik and alchemy with incredible impact driven business owners across the globe…

… encoding their online presence with love, their deep soul essence, and the heart centred beautiful imprint of their unique souls contribution to the planet.

Through this beautiful channeled creation process, we weave their potent codes through their online presence…

… encoding alchemical artworks, personalise soul code branding, websites, online course portals, social media graphics and more.

Because of the powerful transmission of these codes woven through their online presence…

… their clients can FEEL the depth, heart and frequency of their offerings and soul, simply by witnessing their online presence.

It is a beautiful journey and resides in the realms of


Beauty ☀️

Majik 🧚‍♀️

Vibrational Alchemy 💫

Loving Impact 🌏

And Heart Soul Frequency 💞

It is my mission through all Elestial Designs creations, to bring beauty, elegance and high vibrational codes to the digital world, creating a powerful online environment where love leads the way. 💥💞💥

This beautiful encoded galactic artwork you see below was an absolute joy and pleasure to create! 💫

Gaby is one of the INCREDIBLE light being souls that I have the honour of co-creating with 🧚‍♀️🌏

Gaby’s heart, generosity, soulful dedication to evolution, leadership as a wayfarer of a new way, and ever expanding light frequency, is a delight and an inspiration to behold 💞

Dive into her work if you feel called – your world will never be the same again, in the most DIVINE and DELIGHTFUL ways! 🧬

It is such an honour to co-create with such incredible, loving, generous, passionate, contribution centric beings that are here as the wayfarers of of a new earth.

It is time for humanity to lead with love 💞💫

And because you are a heart centred impact driven Business owner, you are an integral part of this revolution!

Thank you for being here 🌏

Thank you for stepping up 💫

Thank you for shining your light 

And thank you for sharing your codes! 🧬

If you would like some powerful encoded artworks for your beautiful online presence or website, feel free to PM me and we can have a chat 💞💫

The world is ready
And you were born to shine!

Love always, Pippa 💞


Encoded Artwork by Pippa La Doube from Elestial Arts
Please do not share without permission

Re-coding the Intenet with Love

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