SOLD – ONE KEEPER ONLY – Soul Angel Song Lightcode


SOLD – Custodian Anchored

This is one of the Spontaneous Lightcodes – Only Custodian Only – Exclusive Rights

With these sole custodian spontaneous Lightcodes, you are the only Keeper for this code. You receive an Exclusive Licence to the Lightcode, which means that you can use it exclusively in your online presence, personal journey, client sessions, and printed merchandise. These are perfect for those who wish to amplify their client sessions, offerings, transmissions, personal evolution, and business evolution through the presence of a Lightcode. Price is dependant on the time and energy involved in channeling through the spontaneous Lightcode.

Transmission: Come with me, beautiful one, as we enter the inner heart realm of your voice. This is where the harmonics of your Soul Song reside. Bathe in its resonance. The Love of the universe is calling for your song to be shared with the world – through your voice, through your words, through the sound of you, as your heart holds specific keys for humanities peace.

Light Language Mantra: Ess Wah Lah Naa-Taa (spelt phonetically)
This Lightcode Carries: the frequencies of Embodied Expression, Emboldened Voice, Resonant Soul Harmonics, Universal Invitation, Activated Higher Timelines of Sharing, Vital Life Force, Joy full Expression, and Self Loving Confidence

– Use the transparent background file to overlay on top of any of your marketing
– Use as a logo / business sigil
– Imprint its frequency through your online presence and posts
– Print the artwork and adorn your temple space
– Use Lightcodes in your personal evolution practices – imprinting water, meditating with, coding body as a tattoo
– Use as a transmission in clients sessions
– Exclusive use and sale of any printed merchandise (diaries, attire, cushions etc)

Each code will have its own messages for you. I invite you to listen to the messages and codes that it has to share with you – as a unique pairing, it will have specific messages for each individual soul.

By purchasing this licence, you are agreeing to honour the terms of the licencing agreement.
For further Licence Details, please follow this link

All prices in AUD

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