MEGA BUNDLE – Anchoring Your Light Lightcode & Sacred Branding Bundle


Weave a little majik into your branding with the Sacred Lightcode and Branding Bundle. Full to the brim with frequency encoded design elements and The Anchoring Your Light Lightcode, this alchemical bundle is the perfect way to weave beauty and light frequencies through your online presence. This Lightcode bundle emits a transmission of love so pure that it anchors your light into your human vessel so that you can fulfill your beautiful mission on this planet with love, ease and grace.


Anchoring Your Light Lightcode (Value $108)
♥ 1 x Gold leaf PNG of the Anchoring Your Light Lightcode to weave into your online presence
♥ 7 x High Resolution Artworks of the Lightcode
♥ 1 x How to Use Your Lightcode PDF

Encoded Website Hero Banners & Webinar Slide Deck (Value $310)
♥  4 x Website Hero Banners – Editable Canva templates for you to easily personalise your templates, adding your own copy and content and flair
♥  6 x Webinar Slide Deck Templates – Editable Canva templates for you to easily personalise your slides for when you are sharing your gold with your community
♥ 4 x Encoded Brand Aligned Banner Bases
♥ 4 x Text and Lightcode Placement Example Banners
♥ Web Resolution JPG files
♥ Canva Template Link
♥ Extended Licence for all files

Encoded Social Media Templates (Value $290)
♥  12 x Editable Canva templates for you to easily personalise your templates, adding your own copy and content
♥  12 x Encoded Social Media Template Bases (PNG files)
♥  12 x Text & Lightcode Placement Examples (PNG files)
♥  PNG files and linked Canva templates
♥  Extended Licence for all files

Lightcode Encoded Design Elements (Value $108)
♥  12 x unique and versatile, hand created design elements to use in your own brand creations
♥ Weave these design elements through your social media, website, and all of your creations to create a unique and frequency encoded presence
♥ Let your imagination go wild. The possibilities are infinite!
♥ Gold Leaf PNG files (transparent background)
♥ Extended Licence for all files

Instagram Highlight Circles (Value $188)
♥ 23 x Instagram Highlight Circles (PNG files)
♥ Can be used in other social media platforms as well
♥ TITLES: Lifestyle, Ideas, Morning Rituals, Q&A, FAQ, Blog, Gaia, Community, Ocean, Magic, Alchemy, Travel, Podcast, Inspiration, Client Love, Abundance, Raw Ideas, Sacred Sounds, Delight, Healthy Living, Self Love Rituals, High Vibe Life
♥  Receive a blank Base Template of the Highlight, so you can add your own personalised words within your Canva or design Software

Colour Palette & Font Suggestions (Value $108)
♥ Colour palette suggestions with HEX codes, so that you can replicate the designs in Canva and other design software
♥ Font Suggestions used in template designs.
(Please note the font itself is not included in the bundle. Fonts can be purchased separately from their designer – link provided. Canva Pro is needed to upload your own fonts. Free font options given in Canva templates)

Other Information
Helpful guidelines within the Canva templates so you can easily create your own personalised creations.
Extended Licence for all PNG & JPG files
Canva links licenced for use in one Canva account only. Not to be sold on or shared.

Frequency Weave
This Bundle carries the frequencies of the ‘Anchoring Your Light’ Lightcode. This Lightcode carries a transmission of love so pure that it anchors your light into your human vessel so that you can fulfill your beautiful mission on this planet. The expressions and offerings that we are gifted with, are simply pathways for our codes to reach the world. Simply by being you, you are of incredible value to the world. This Lightcode anchors this knowing deep into your being and supports the confident expression of your heart and gifts with the world

The bundle is encoded with the frequencies of Love, Divinity, Luminosity, Purity, Divine Contribution, Confident Expression, Humility, Loving Emanation, Vitality, Delight, Appreciation, Wonder, Joy


Upon purchase, you receive all files and a link to open the Canva templates within your own Canva (free) account.
Font purchase and licences not included – Free font options suggested within Canva templates if you do not wish to purchase a font licence.


♥ All files in Bundle
♥ 2 x Photographs Of You Woven Into the Templates, Banners, or Slides
Receive 2 x your own personalised versions of the template with photographs of you and some sparkles added in (High resolution file of chosen photograph to be provided to me)
♥ Your Logo Image Brand Aligned Gold Leaf
Receive your already existing Logo as a brand matched file with gold leaf (Transparent background PNG of your Logo provided to me).
♥ Your Text Logo Brand Aligned Gold Leaf
Receive your Text Logo (Business or Offering Name) brand matched to the above package with gold leaf. (Transparent background PNG of your Text Logo or the .otf file of the Desired Font provided to me)
♥ 6 x Socials Icons with Personalised Handles
Receive up to 6 x Brand matched gold leaf image of your website url and social media handles received as a design asset to add to all designs (Included Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Website URL)
♥ 6 x Personalised Instagram Highlights
Receive up to 6 x Personalised Instagram Highlights using the templates and font in the examples (Personalised words provided to me)
♥ Exclusive Licence for personalised files
Once you have purchased your bundle, I will be in touch to gather the files and information I need for your personalised creations.
Delivery within 7 business days for receipt of files


By purchasing this licence, you are agreeing to honour the terms of the licencing agreement.
For further Licence Details, please follow this link

All prices in AUD

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