Encoded Websites - Journey

The Encoded Website Journey

Alchemical Pre-work

Your journey begins with a workbook that takes your into unlocking deeper layers of your mission & contribution on our beautiful planet, your mission, deeper connection to your soul family, and a deeper connection to your unique soul gifts, preparing your for your Private Session

You will be guided to create a Pinterest Board, gathering together energies and visuals that appeal to your Soul and the Soul of your mission and business.

Private Soul Alchemy Session

Inside of this session we will go deep into the Quantum and connect directly with your Soul Signature Frequency and Soul Mission on this planet, and the divine Soul of your offerings.

We will call through the highest divine frequencies and expression of your beautiful offerings and begin code the field with them. We will dive deep into the frequencies that your soul is here to code the world with and the expression and soul of your offerings.

We will discuss your designs desires, your practical web needs and frequency imprint desires – covering your offerings, your soul mate clients, and your own unique heart, aethetics and emanation. We will create a layout and plan for your beautiful website and discuss your integration and plugin needs

Through this process, I will receive the frequencies that I will then take into my creation field and weave through your fully encoded website.

Web Developer Alchemy

Before booking, I will have connected you with the amazing developer that I work with for your to receive an estimate and creation plan from them. And now, at this point in the creation, they will begin the platform set up and plugin set foundation.

The amazing developer I collaborate with will hold the frequency of your divine being while integrating the backend of your site, from hosting, to URL, to development – so your WHOLE SITE is fully encoded with your potent frequencies from the ground up. This is very unique in the web development world as the developer I collaborate with is not only an exceptional developer, but also a refined merlin alchemist and soul clearing expert.

Website Copy Map

You will receive a clear and powerful website map to support you to create the copy and content for your website. This is a structured proforma that will guide you to write the copy for each section of the website through a series of guided enquiries and questions.

Channelled Creation Alchemy

Once my developer has completed his set up majik and I have received your copy map, I gather the codes and energies that we received during our earlier session, mood board and communication, and go into the quantum to co-create with your soul family, your soul, the soul of your offerings, and your soul signature frequency.
This process occurs in deep channeled frequency states within an alchemical creation chamber and it takes many hours to receive and translate the codes.

I receive both the frequency aspects of your soul signature codes, and the visual aspects, that will come together to weave into your social media graphics

Messages, visuals, light language coding, frequencies, and creation elements arrive into my field throughout the creation period – sometimes in the middle of the night in a dream or in the early hours of the morning when the veils are thin. Over the creation period, your codes and mission speaks to me and the light quotient & energy required to channel them is high.

During the creation period, I spend many hours in the creation zone bringing it all together and translating it into a physical website creation.

Once the process has started you may feel some energies moving in your field as it is a co-creation with your Soul frequencies and your Soul family. You may also not feel much, that is ok too. It is different or every person. This weaving is done with the upmost love, respect, and reverence, and only ever where permissions are granted.

If you do experience energy or emotions moving, I invite you to move gently with your yourself and give yourself permission to move softly during this time.

During this phase of the creation process, you will be gathering your copy, content, and product information to deliver to me. I will give you a proforma guide with prompts for each of the pages, thus supporting you to refine and align your copy to your message and souls contribution.

Design Refinement Co-Creation

Once I have called through the initial design of your website (usually the ‘home’ page), I will send you a draft and we can refine the design together.

When we have anchored the beautiful initial design of your site, I will go ahead and built the whole site out, based on that design. I will weave and encode your frequencies through the site as I build. Your unique codes woven through the fabric of the energetic field that holds your offering

We then refine the final design and build together before we launch.

Developer Integration Completion

Once we have completed the design of your beautiful website, my majikal developer will finalise the plugin integrations and ensure everything is running smoothly

Website Portal Activation Ceremony

Once your beautiful website is ready to launch, I will perform a long distance activation ceremony in which all of the expressions, codes, transmissions, and frequencies are anchored into their highest divine timelines through your website

I will create multidimensional connection portals within your site, that create refined magnetic pathways for your soul mate clients to move towards you

I will anchor your Soul signature frequency and Soul as the custodian of the website and close the alchemical creation chamber

Soft Launch And Launch

Once your beautiful website is ready to launch, we will do a soft launch and set the site to live. We do this a few days before you announce it to the world, as it allows the cache and pathways to settle.

We will the be ready to launch and share your incredible frequencies with the world through your beautiful fully encoded website. Many choose to launch on an auspicious day – such as a particularly powerful astrological moment or for women, ovulation is a powerful time to launch. This final launch date can be determined earlier in the journey or at the time.

Package Add Ones


You can choose to create an a multitude of Add On’s to use and share within your social media, marketing and web presence.

These will be brand aligned Lightcodes, graphics and templates creating continuity in the visual and the energetics of your online presence.

These are a wonderful addition to enhance the potency of your online presence across all platforms and create energetic and aesthetic continuity.

Please get in touch for add on prices.

Encoded Websites - Journey

Highly Specialised Creations

Please note: These Frequency Encoded Websites, Graphics and Lightcodes are highly specialised, personalised creations that require an extremely high light quotient to channel through. This means that they require a lot of physical energy and time to bring through. Each creation takes many many hours to weave, draw and create and is priced accordingly. They are bespoke, high end creations, for those who wish to have a refined, unique and intricately woven creation.

Encoded Websites - Journey
Encoded Websites - Journey

Alchemical Website Package


Perfect for entrepreneurs and spritual healers that are ready for a powerful frequency encoded online presence to magnetises clients to you as you grow your business

Website Design Includes:

△ 5 x Beautifully Designed Vibrationally Encoded Pages – Home, About, Offerings, Blog/Vlog/Shop, Contact Us (all pages under 2500 Words)
△ Mobile, Tablet And Desktop Compatibility
△ Data Base Integrations (Crm)
△ Payment Pathways
△ Blog / Vlog / Shop
Blog/Vlog/Product Number Maximums apply – Number of dependant by complexity and time required to create and upload. Get in touch to find out more)
△ Opt-in / Free Offerings/ Download Gift Sign Up Link
△ Custom Thank You Page For Opt-in / Free Offering
△ Custom Designed WordPress Build & Test

I create the encoded design, frequency weave, and page & product build of the site, and a Web Developer will build the foundation of the site and any necessary integrations – platform, plugins, systems set up etc.

I will connect you to an ammmazing developer who will come onto the creation team with us to build your beautiful site – quoted and billed separately.

Elestial Arts Price Does Not Include

△ Web Development – I will connect you with an amazing developer, brief them on your needs, and they will give you estimates for their component of the works and invoice separately (cost generally between $1500 and $4500 depending on needs and complexity)
△ Web Hosting and Url Costs (Paid independantly with support from developer if needed)
△ Copy Writing Or Editing
△ Additional Pages
△ Additional Artworks Or Lightcodes

Additional Works

Additional works can be arranged and will incur additional fees – estimate given on brief
△ Additional pages
△ Encoded Artworks
△ Lightcodes

Encoded Websites - Journey


Costings Overview

Because the total costing is made up of the Elestial Arts Design and Build Package, the estimate from the Independent Web Developer, and your Hosting and URL cost, your overall cost ESTIMATE will be shared with you on consultation.

Estimate $4400 USD +-
Includes 5 Page Build, all features mentioned and BONUS Stock Images (up to 10 images)
(Any Additional Features & Pages will incur additional cost)
– Additional Pages – $800 USD
– Additional Features – Price on discussion


Price estimate is delivered to you once we have communicated your specific need to the developer
Cost generally between $1500AUD and $4500AUD depending on complexity of your needs.
Estimates range from
– A simple site with basic shop and integrations
– A complex site with multi-lingual options, complex shop, audio samples, membership sites etc

Web Hosting and Url Costs paid independently
(with guidance and support from web developer if needed)
If you already have these in place, details can be shared with the developer for the build.


Payment Plans Available. Fees Apply. Please get in touch to discuss.

Encoded Websites - Journey

I have read the prices and package options in the download and I am ready to co-create majik with you


From Across The Multiverse

Encoded Websites - Journey


Working with Pippa was a wonderful experience! Just being in her vibe feels like bathing in the warmest light and love imaginable.

When I received my Soul Code artwork it resonated so deeply as a powerful reflection of the Truth of my Soul and my divine mission. The essence of it calibrates so high, it has shifted my digital presence and purpose work beyond what I had hoped for.

Your contribution to my purpose work has been uplifting, enlightening, and quantum-shifting in the most magnificent ways!  Thank you a million times over sweet, Pippa! You are loved, Sister!!

Encoded Websites - Journey


Wow. Just wow. THANK YOU SO MUCH, beautiful divine Pippa!

It’s so powerful and sooo beautiful. I can really feel the creation in my heart and in my field, it’s energy, it’s consciousness, it’s Quantum coding, it’s purpose... and goosebumps. Wow, Pippa, it’s so beautiful and powerful I have tears in my eyes.

Encoded Websites - Journey

The creation is so powerful, as soon as i connect to it, my whole field is buzzing and i feel like i get activated immediately just by connecting to it with my sight, feeling how it works with my energy field and it’s really powerful - wow.

I immediately had tears and felt massive heart expansion and so much bliss and knowing in my body. This visual activator is just so next level!!!!

Thank you for sharing your powerful gifts with this world

I appreciate you so much. Your gifts, your talents, your light, your beauty - all that you are!!!
Thank you. You are such a gift to this world. Infinite gratitude

Encoded Websites - Journey


'I LLLOOOVVVEEEEE ittt!! So awesome Pippa! The Lightcode and artworks are fantastic, they do all sorts of things to me.. so cool!!! So beautiful sister!

I love my Soul Code! My own Sigal!!! So beautiful. This is next level!  Thank you so much Pippa.

Your work is so valued and effective for my business. My clients are simply drawn to me through this code and they just turn up!

It goes beyond the conceptual mind, straight to the heart and calls to those who can benefit the most from my unique offerings.  Ready and willing to receive. The perfect people for my work.

Gone are the days of hustling for business with this technology in play.

It is so amazing to have you code my hearts intentions into my sigil logo!'

Love your majik sister! Thank you so much!

Encoded Websites - Journey

~ Kirsty Tagrass ~
Inviting women back to Faith, Feminine Radiance & Love through activating their Sophia Rose Christ Template

'Thank you so much!

When I received my Soul Codes, I was very close to crying because I fell in love with it instantly.

I love everything about it - I truly, truly do!

I am in awe of your magic and gifts and can't wait to share this design and you with others.

Thank you so much again sister, from the deepest parts of my soul. '

Encoded Websites - Journey

~ Illumina Rose ~
Mystic, Healer and Founder of The Temple of Ancient Light Mystery School

'It truly lights my heart up when I look at the creations! You truly come from divine love with your work and I can feel it in my Encoded Channelled Artworks and Alchemical website.

You are a magical being sharing so much beauty as you leave your footprints of star dust through all your work. You are a magical soul with the most purest loving heart and your work is a reflection of that.

It's been such a pleasure and honour working with you.

Thank you for all your support! You're an angel. ’

Encoded Websites - Journey

~ Livia Devi ~
New Earth Leader, 5D Mentor, Entrepreneur, Arcturian Council of Light 7D

'Thank you so much!! Omg these artworks are amazing and the font is exactly what I wanted!

Thank you so much for the encoded artworks and frequency imprinted font - you channelled them exactly how I wanted them!

Wow, Pippa amazing! I love them so much! Super grateful for you!'

Encoded Websites - Journey

~ Johanna Lily ~
Feminine Embodiment
+ S≈xuality Coach
Women's Tantric Arts Priestess


My Encoded Channelled Artworks and designs are absolutely amazing! I LOVE them so much!!

I am so happy with them!

Thank you so so much!’

~ Maria Highfield ~
Soul Guide and Sacred Mentor, Creative Producer of Radiant Beauty, Energetic and Intuitive Healer and Reiki Practitioner

'Wow, you are so very gifted in your creations and expressions.

Oh my..... I love my Divine Soul Codes so much. They are so beautiful... WOW.... so much gratitude.

I love the light language coding. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it - I may even get it as a tattoo hehe!

Thank you for believing in me and my creation.

Thank you for going ABOVE AND BEYOND.

Thank you so very much for your beautiful creation with my Soul Codes, Encoded Channelled Artworks and amazing Course portal.

So much gratitude and love to you magical queen.
So much love and reverence to you!!’

~ Ailie Dawn ~
Soul Guide and Sacred Mentor, Power Mamma, 5D Activator

'Wow wow wow Pippa , all of your words, the Divine Soul Lightcodes, the encoded images, the entire encoded webpage page sings soo deeply to my heart!

They feel so amazing, and I feel so grateful and have this delicious yummyness that they have been born in this way. What a Divine journey.

I can feel their presence and their excitement to begin co-creating together!!!!

Pippa-Love, your work is truly sacred - I am truly blown away, and so grateful to have worked with you in the birthing of these sacred codes!

It has been a joy dear Pippa, and I look forward to co-creating with these gorgeous Lightcodes !!

Thank you so much!!’

Encoded Websites - Journey

Elestial Arts Creative Studios
Frequency Encoded Majik & Alchemy
Weaving Love, Beauty & High Frequency Light Through the Field

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