Lemurian Sky Temple

Lemurian Sky Temple

This morning, the fae spirits spoke to me about aliveness and flow
They invited me to remember the divine & loving creation space that comes from heartful gentle surrender as they danced through the sunlit raindrops that make rainbows
I heeded their nudges and had such a magical day of creation flow today!
This artwork is called ‘Lemurian Sky Temple’ and is a part of a library of artworks, codes, wall art and Insta templates series’ that is coming through the creation field at the moment 🧚‍♀️💎🌸💖
The Embodiment of Our Ever Evolving Self 

The Embodiment of Our Ever Evolving Self 


As The Old falls away and Pathways open for The New,
Our Souls call us forth to the Next Embodiment of Ourselves.

Ever Evolving and Ever Growing
Our Next Self Awaits

These pathways open in front of us as we throw Seeds of Possibility & Intention onto the Fecund Soil beneath our feet, and step Boldly Forward.

What Seeds are you Planting?
What Pathways are you Opening?
What is your Beautiful Soul asking for?
What is your Beautiful Soul wanting you to remember?

Tonight as I connect with parts of myself remembered, my heart calls forth the expression of me that is full and vital and renewed.

And so in the presence of beings of the highest light, all of my beautiful angel and guides, my delightful fae elemental friends and my galactic soul family, I Call Back these parts of Self Remembered and Open to new aspects of Self Embodied.

I step forward and call through…
Sacred Knowing
Embodied Majik
Divine Abundance
Integrated Multidimensionality
Exquisite Vitality
Love, Wonder & Joy Incarnate

Thank you thank you thank you



Encoded Artwork by Pippa La Doube from Elestial Designs
Please do not share without permission

The Embodiment of Our Ever Evolving Self 

New Frequency Coding

New Frequency Coding

Beautiful Ones 💖💎
Can you feel the New frequencies Arriving?
Can you feel the recalibration?
Can you feel the arrival of a new embodiment of you?

We are moving through such an amazing and potent ascension portal on our beautiful planet and through the cosmos at the moment.


Our beautiful beings and body templates are currently upgrading to whole new levels of love expressed, divine balance, joyful embodiment, soulful alignment, and sacred golden expansion.

As the expansion happens, there can be an unusual blend of Beauty & Appreciation and Discomfort & Old Emotions moving through our experience.

These sometimes uncomfortable expressions are moving through to be cared for, loved and released.
There is a whole new depth of embodiment on the other side

Rest if you need to rest
Dance if you need to dance
Nature if you need Gaia

We are expanding!
We are evolving!
We are creating a New Earth experience!

This is a 5D Love Field Upgrade Integration code.

It is used to support the physical form to increase its Light Quotient Capacity in order to maintain 5D frequencies 💎💖

I invite you to gaze at the code if you feel called and invite its frequencies into your body and being to support you to integrate these beautiful big changes we are going through.

Sending love always,

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Encoded Artwork by Pippa La Doube from Elestial Designs
Please do not share without permission


New Frequency Coding

The Weavers of the Light

The Weavers of the Light

Remember, Beautiful Ones 💞🌏

We are the Weavers of the Light
And it is through our Touch
That Love finds its Luminous Expression


Encoded Artwork by Pippa La Doube from Elestial Arts
Please do not share without permission

The Majik of Your Heart and Mind

The Majik of Your Heart and Mind

For those who love a bit of heart frequency creation majik…
For those who love to delight in the wonder of the fabric of our universe…
And for those who love to weave their hearts into the creation of a new world….

Here is a little delightful somethin’somethin’ for you

When the Heart Math Institute in California did some pertinent research some years ago, they discovered that when we combine our focused intention with a balanced love frequency emanation we can create physical change to the world around us..

Lead by cellular biologist Dr Glen Rhein, they did a series of experiments looking at the impact of different states and intentions on matter..

The experiments involved a collection of subjects, all trained in the Heart Coherence Method (a method which supports the individual to create a steady love frequency emanation), holding a vile with strands of DNA in it while doing different things..

💫 One group held the vile while holding the intention that the DNA strands would either wind or unwind.

💞 The second group held the vile while emanating a balanced love frequency (Heart Coherence Method).

🌏 The third group did both.
They held the intention that the DNA would wind or unwind while emanating Love..

The results were incredible and really show us so much about our relationship with the fabric of the world!

💫 In the group that held the intention for the DNA strand to wind or unwind, there was a nominal affect on the strands. Not statistically notable but present.

💞 In the group that simply emanated the balanced Love frequency, there was no change to the wind of the DNA

🌏 And in the group that combined both, there was significant change, as the DNA strands wound or unwound up to 25%.

This truly show us how we are an integral part of the fabric of the world around us and how what we hold in our minds and in our hearts really does matter!

In fact, it matters so much, that it affects matter.

At this unusual time on our planet and in our lives, what are you holding in your beautiful heart and mind?

We are intricately involved in our direction!
We are the world and the world is us.
Create your heart pulses wisely, beautiful ones
We are here to change the world 💖💎🧬🌍

With love and grace from my heart to yours
Pippa 💕

This light language artwork is encoded with the energies of Green Tara.

When asked what one might do to support the soul during this unusual time, the Dalai Lama suggested connecting with the goddess Green Tara and chanting her mantra ‘Om Tare Tuttare Ture Soha’..

She supports us to transmute lower frequency emotions and move into higher states of alignment.

If you feel called, I invite you to gaze at the artwork and feel its affect on your body and being – bringing your heart and mind into coherence as you bring your intentions and love into being in the world.



Encoded Artwork by Pippa La Doube from Elestial Arts
Please do not share without permission


The Majik of Your Heart and Mind

Re-coding the Intenet with Love

Re-coding the Intenet with Love


And I wholeheartedly agree!

Collectively, we are the wayfarers of a new way! 💞🌏

As a beautiful heart centred, impact driven business owner

Your heart and soul frequencies are needed right now, more than ever

This means, that you are a part of a POWERFUL revolution that the world has been waiting for! 🌏💫💞

For years, I have been co-creating majik and alchemy with incredible impact driven business owners across the globe…

… encoding their online presence with love, their deep soul essence, and the heart centred beautiful imprint of their unique souls contribution to the planet.

Through this beautiful channeled creation process, we weave their potent codes through their online presence…

… encoding alchemical artworks, personalise soul code branding, websites, online course portals, social media graphics and more.

Because of the powerful transmission of these codes woven through their online presence…

… their clients can FEEL the depth, heart and frequency of their offerings and soul, simply by witnessing their online presence.

It is a beautiful journey and resides in the realms of


Beauty ☀️

Majik 🧚‍♀️

Vibrational Alchemy 💫

Loving Impact 🌏

And Heart Soul Frequency 💞

It is my mission through all Elestial Designs creations, to bring beauty, elegance and high vibrational codes to the digital world, creating a powerful online environment where love leads the way. 💥💞💥

This beautiful encoded galactic artwork you see below was an absolute joy and pleasure to create! 💫

Gaby is one of the INCREDIBLE light being souls that I have the honour of co-creating with 🧚‍♀️🌏

Gaby’s heart, generosity, soulful dedication to evolution, leadership as a wayfarer of a new way, and ever expanding light frequency, is a delight and an inspiration to behold 💞

Dive into her work if you feel called – your world will never be the same again, in the most DIVINE and DELIGHTFUL ways! 🧬

It is such an honour to co-create with such incredible, loving, generous, passionate, contribution centric beings that are here as the wayfarers of of a new earth.

It is time for humanity to lead with love 💞💫

And because you are a heart centred impact driven Business owner, you are an integral part of this revolution!

Thank you for being here 🌏

Thank you for stepping up 💫

Thank you for shining your light 

And thank you for sharing your codes! 🧬

If you would like some powerful encoded artworks for your beautiful online presence or website, feel free to PM me and we can have a chat 💞💫

The world is ready
And you were born to shine!

Love always, Pippa 💞


Encoded Artwork by Pippa La Doube from Elestial Arts
Please do not share without permission

Re-coding the Intenet with Love

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